The incredible atmosphere and sheer ‘wow-factor’ of The Goodwood Revival is something that is near impossible to accurately explain or portray in any volume of work, in any form of media; the greatest nostalgic motorsport event the world has ever seen. Goodwood Vol 02: The Return to Power by Blackbird Automotive is as close to experiencing and understanding the soul of this incredible event as is possible.

Published in official partnership with the Goodwood Road Racing Company, Goodwood Vol 02 focuses on the theme of pioneers – not only those of the race track, but the successes and failures of engineers, designers, artists and personalities of 1966 and onwards in an effort to push the boundaries. Opening with a look into BRM’s ill-fated but fascinating experimental H16 engine built for the ‘66 season, we then turn our attention to the culture-shock that was the Lamborghini Miura – fifty years old this year. Volume 02 travels back to 1966 to also bask in the glory of Sir Jack Brabham’s third and final world championship win in his own Repco-powered F1 car, and with the smell of cash burning faintly in the background, we wince and appreciate the rivalry between two of the most desirable cars ever produced – the Ferrari 250 GTO and Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato – and their coming together in spectacular fashion at Goodwood half a century ago.

The Revival isn’t just about the cars though; it’s a recipe that also includes an equal measure of motorcycles, planes and people. Volume 02 celebrates that diversity with features on the late, great Barry Sheene, aviation pioneer and former Goodwood patriarch Freddie March’s obsession with the aeroplane and the indelible stamp it left on the circuit’s history, and stories from the Humans of Goodwood – the people who bring the event to life – giving us their take on what makes the Revival what it is.

This series is published in strictly limited numbers and is available only while stocks last.

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