250 Testa Rossa Trellis


Designed and manufactured by Scaglietti in Modena, the official presentation was on 22nd November 1957 and it was supplied with a V12 60-degree engine, three litre, 300 CV, derived from the Colombo engine which had been designed 10 years before in 1947. Its name was chosen from the many victories acquired, among which four World Championships in the Sports category and four at Le Mans. The project aims to be an homage to the "Queen" of cars in the sports category.

It’s an exact reproduction in 1/3 scale of the dummy and its respective chassis of the mythical '50s to '60s Barchetta Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. It’s produced with iron wires soldered without using glue, exactly in conformity with the original, which can be painted on the samples. The support of the model permits one to hang the model, if desired, on the wall like a picture, with a spectacular scenic effect. Only 50 chassis will be built, each one numbered, after which the equipment used will be completely destroyed making the pieces unique throughout the world. It comes with the relative engine block, gear box with transmission shaft differential exactly in a 1/3 scale with an internal revolving mechanism (crankshaft, 12 connecting rods, 12 pistons) in their right order of ignition. It is a work of high quality, exclusive both for its excellent technology and for the time employed which the manual construction requires.

Overall dimensions:
Length 140cm (55'1 Inc.); Width 50cm (19'6 Inc.); Height 31cm (12'2 Inc.); Weight 22kg

Made in Italy by Terzo Dalia.

$213,000.00 HKD

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