Nitecore Tube UV Torch

While there is no shortage of UV torches on the market, most are overly large, poorly made, and unecessarily bright for inspecting watches, with the potential to cause damage to the retina and headaches after prolonged use.

The Nitecore Tube UV is the perfect balance for collectors: very compact at 56.5mm by 21mm by 8mm, weighing under 10g, and USB chargeable with a micro-USB cable (not included), it features a 500mW 365 nm LED which is ideal for inspecting luminous material applied to dials. Made of strong but lightweight polycarbonate and including a keyring designed to withstand 35kg, it is convenient enough to carry at all times without the risk of getting damaged and features a lockout function to prevent accidental activation.

Please note that the micro-USB cable for charging is not included.

*Due to regulations on International shipping for lithium battery, for international purchases, please kindly contact: before confirming your order.  

$90.00 HKD