FTLab Smart Geiger Counter

While not the magic wand that some believe it to be, a Geiger counter (combined with a loupe and UV torch) has become increasingly important to be able to spot dials that have been relumed, retored or are totally fabricated. While the Radex was long the weapon of choice for many collectors, they can prove rather unreliable as well as expensive, and their overall size combined with their dependence on batteries makes them less and less ideal

Having tested a range of devices on the market and studying the product literature to show that they are only accurate to +/-50%, it is clear that the exact reading is not what counts, but if there is any reaction at all when the watch is tested and how quickly the reading increases. FTLab Smart Geiger combined with their app available for iPhone and Android has proved to be a valuable companion when inspecting vintage watches, and is fully compatible with the Apple Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter to it can be used on iPhone 7 and later.

For Smart Geiger Application IOS please click here; Android please click here.

$275.00 HKD