ONEOF Accuracy 2

Keeping an eye on the accuracy of your watch not only ensures you don't show up late for a meeting, but it also gives the opportunity to pick up on potential maintenance issues in advance. As oils age and components wear, a movement can lose time giving the first indication that a service is required. Unlike other solutions in the market that rely on a piezo-electric microphone connected to the soon to be obsolete headphone jack on a phone, Accuracy2 features a 16-bits/48KHz ADC connected over the ubiquitous USB standard that also provides power, so no additional cables are required. Used with the Accuracy app available for iPhone and Android, the rate stability can then be measured with an Expert mode also showing the amplitude of the balance wheel and the beat error. The application also allows the results to be logged for individual watches so a more complete picture can be built up of its accuracy over time. Extremely compact measuring just 40 x 40 x 7.5 mm and weighing only 20g, the Accuracy2 can be taken anywhere from the auction preview tables to a dealer's showroom to give an indication of when a watch might need servicing. For full instructions on use of the Accuracy2, please click here.