Bergeon Spring Bar Tool

A new strap brings new life to your watch, so having a spring bar tool on hand, gives you the flexibility to change with ease.

We love Bergeon for its consistent high quality products, and their 3153 black spring bar tool helps to tackle most of the work of strap changing. The forked end assists to release the spring bar from solid lugs, and the pointed tip can easily press into the hollow links in bracelet or lug holes where the bar inserts.

With its warm composite body and hexagonal profile, it provides easy purchase when applying pressure to remove stubborn bars, and will not roll away when placed on a table. Combined with replaceable tips that can be unscrewed and substituted when worn out, the Bergeon 3153 is our favourite spring bar tool of choice.

*Please note that this tool is not compatible with modern Rolex watches.

$200.00 HKD