Blackbird Watch Manual Vol.0

Prior to the launch of Blackbird Watch Manual Volume 1, we produced an extremely limited run of Volume 0, a test issue that was not intended for wide-scale distribution, created to share the concept of Blackbird Watch Manual with our close friends and prospective partners.

Consisting of long-form articles that had appeared on our digital journal, such as the in-depth analysis of the gold Paul Newman Daytona, coverage of the 2018 Goodwood Revival, and a profile of collector Mel Blanc, as well as a cover story that was created for the issue exploring the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, this volume represents the nucleus of what would go on to define Blackbird Watch Manual in print.

Extremely limited in quantity, we have decided to offer the remaining ones of this prototype production run for sale, following numerous requests from enthusiasts to secure a copy.

$250.00 HKD