Blackbird Watch Manual Vol.10

In the tenth volume of the Blackbird Watch Manual, we dedicate it to the theme of architecture, exploring how it impacts our daily lives and, more importantly, the sense of design and thought process that goes beyond the buildings themselves.

We begin with the timepieces from Vacheron Constantin, as the illustrious watchmaker celebrates 20 years of its Patrimony collection. Every subtle change they make over the years reflects the values instilled in the maison since its inception in 1755 and a continual quest for perfection, evident in the new Patrimony watches we present in our cover story.

Speaking of architectures related to watchmaking, we present Audemars Piguet's Musée Atelier and Hôtel des Horlogers, which have become well-worth touristic destinations for watch enthusiasts worldwide. We also look into how the Junghans Terrassenbau, once the largest structure in the world, was brought back to life through careful reconstruction. Furthermore, we explore how architecture inspired watchmaking, such as MB&F's latest Horological Machine 11, literally taking inspiration from buildings, and how the historic architecture in the city of Rome has inspired Bulgari through many of its beautiful watch and jewelry collections.

It would be difficult to discuss architecture today without exploring the influence of the late Dame Zaha Hadid on modern buildings. Her daring designs stretched not only the imagination but also engineering aspects, with new forms that few would have thought possible. While not directly related to buildings, the legendary Pablo Picasso perhaps had an even greater impact on how we perceive the art world. We are still learning about how his works have opened our eyes and minds to a different way of seeing the world around us.

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