Blackbird Watch Manual Vol.8

For the eighth volume of Blackbird Watch Manual, we focused on the fundamentals, the main elements that are essential to many of the objects or experiences that evoke emotional responses.

When it comes to watchmaking, only a few maisons in the industry can lay claim to the same history as the esteemed Vacheron Constantin. There is an undeniable weight that comes with having an interrupted history that goes back to the 18th century. It’s with an understandable confidence that the maison has always presented its timepieces, be it from their bespoke Cabinotiers watches to their signature collections. We examine their latest watches, all three very different in their aesthetic and yet undeniably sharing the fundamentals of the excellence of watchmaking that the maison has developed over the past three centuries.

We also explored the wonders of time-telling from Audemars Piguet Starwheel that break away from the conventional three hands representation with a modern representation.

Besides horology, we extended our exploration to other fields that have an undeniable influence on our modern life. We looked at a modern interpretation of the classic off-roader in the Ineos Grenadier, the Bauhaus school from which the art movement evolved, the purity of the work of designer Dieter Rams and how the wines we enjoy are adapting to our changing environment and tastes.


$128.00 HKD