Enzo Ferrari Engine

A superb architecture of motoring top engineering recalling important values rather than a single name; it represents the top target in motor industry world.

Scale 1/3 Enzo Ferrari engine

It’s made following the same manufacturing process of aluminium, the most ancient and valuable one: “casting”; thus it’s unique and exclusive. Main features of the scale 1/3 model are strictly compliant with the original one: 12 cylinders, V65°, longitudinal transmission assembly directly coupled with the engine.

Used materials: aluminium, stainless steel, carbon fibre.

Inside mechanisms 12 cylinders, crankshaft, 12 connecting rods, 12 revolving pistons in the correct ignition order by the outer pulley, variable setting intake ducts with telescopic duct system; all these component are lathe-manufactured.

N° 83 pieces, hand-assembled, with 260 screws.

Dimensions 57 x 39 x 26 cm; Weight 11.7 kg
Limited edition of 349 pieces.

Made in Italy by Terzo Dalia.

$120,000.00 HKD