Loupe System for Blackbird Watch Manual

An indispensable tool for any serious watch enthusiast, Loupe System have created a truly exceptional tool for inspecting the finest details, be it beautifully finished interior angles on an exceptional piece of independent watchmaking, or the texture to the luminous material on a vintage Rolex.

Utilising a five multi-coated optical elements arranged in three groups, constructed in the same way as a high-end prime camera lens, the loupe allows for maximise contrast, colour saturation and fidelity, while minimising flare, allowing details to be resolved in the clearest detail that the human eyes can otherwise not detect. This method of construction, combined with rigorous testing also ensures a complete absence of chromatic aberration, as well as tight control over geometric distortion, ensuring a clear and accurate image.

Another impressive, and exceptionally useful feature of the loupe is is wide viewing angle, which equates to 40mm on the 6x version, and 20 mm on the 10x version when fitted with the silicon rubber eye cup, which places the eye at the optimal distance from the rear of the lens. When fitted with the flat eye cup that also comes with the loupe, it provides a 50mm viewing field on the 6x model, and 25 mm on the 10x model.

Available with two levels of magnification, the 6x version allows for the whole watch dial to be visible in one frame and is the recommended place to start, while the 10x version ensures that small details can be viewed with absolutely clarity, allowing the pair to complement each other perfectly for those who are serious enough to acquire both.

Offered with the third version of the innovative Light Ring from Loupe System, it provides users with either 4,000K neutral white light (adjustable from 5% to 100% intensity), 365-370um UV light (non adjustable), or a combination of the two. With its two custom-moulded lithium polymer rechargeable batteries, the Light Ring can run for approximately two and a half hours when using the white light at 50% intensity, and through its clever system of flashes on powering off, the remaining charge is clearly indicated.

This version produced especially for Blackbird Watch Manual is covered in black leather for increased tactility, and is stamped with the Blackbird shield so there is less risk of getting confused as to which Loupe System is yours at a busy auction preview.

Accompanying the Loupe System and Light Ring, are two USB cables, one 60cm and another 3m long, for recharging the Light Ring using a standard USB charger, as well as a nylon case for storing the loupe, which can be used on a lanyard for easy carrying. Conveniently, one of our Nitecore Tube UV lights can be attached to the zip closure, and there is enough space to store an FTLab Smart Geiger Counter inside, both which are sold separately.

For more information on how to operate the Light Ring, please click here.


$6,800.00 HKD